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I.H.U.-I HEAR YOU! is a production of A&S Youth Productions: A Child Is Waiting, LLC. and is the brainchild of it's founder, Senovia Byndon. She saw a need for a platform for youth and young adults to express their views and be heard. The show has been a fixture on community radio as well as on local television. Join in on the conversation every Wednesday from 5-6 p.m.

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Sometimes A Hour Is Just Not Enough - Extended Conversation


Train Up A Child

Founder, Senovia Byndon and I.H.U.-I Hear You! Guest Co-host attended Train Up A Child event,...


Cincinnati Community Focus Group

Cincinnati's residents came out and showed up. They spoke out and used their voice to share their...


Introducing Mrs. Danielle Hixson

Guest Co-Host, Every third Wednesday starting November 2022. OnIHU-I HEAR YOU! On WAIF88.3FM...

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